Paul Parin
photo by Matt Galligan

Photography has offered me a varied and rewarding journey over the past 20 or so years. The opportunity to travel throughout Western Australia is truly a privilege that will never let you take it for granted. Breathtaking in it's dramatic contrast from the endless horizon's of blue to the hard smoothness of eroded iron strata etched from the earth over billions of years. The majesty and dimension of a 50m karri tree to the organic subtlety of a fungi colony living at its base. Western Australian landscape is about the way a somewhat unexpected beauty juxtaposes against the harsh reality of an unforgiving landscape. The grandeur of scale so great the fineness of detail can easily be overlooked.

My photography has allowed me to develop a deeper appreciation of natures intrinsic design and given me the insight to stop and look a little more intimately, to be patient, to feel out an image and allow the landscape to communicate itself to me.

Inspiration is never too far away. Moments of magic through combinations of light, texture, shape and form often reveal themselves at best in moments of spontaneity though more often the quest for a particular image can be an exercise of considered process. Good fortune and lady luck certainly play a part but developing the understanding and skills that allow you to take that chance should it present itself comes through heightened awareness, learned experience and perseverance.

At the end of a very long day my photography allows me periods of time to be simply 'out there'. I cherish this time away from the hurly burly of city life to be out feeling first hand the elements of nature. I'm addicted to the challenge and adventure of my photographic quest and the associated disciplines it instills. The inevitable periods of solitude are mostly a cathartic process that allows me the time for introspective growth and to continually develop and refine my craft.

in time you come to realize how finely balanced our natural environment is. The delicate relationship between man and the environment is quickly becoming a very one sided equation but once lost will be lost forever. I hope through my photography that I can engage people to a greater level of understanding not only visually but to find an enhanced level of cognitive recognition and awareness. To immerse oneself in the beauty and to take the time to realize what we still have but also what we have the very real possibility to lose.

Take the time to look and you may be surprised at just what you might see.